Text Team Onboarding

Your guide and resources to join our text team to talk to voters and supporters across the country.


Welcome to Team Gavin Newsom! We’re thrilled to have you join us in the fight against unAmerican authoritarianism. This guide will allow you to join our Text Team through a simple 4-step process.

  1. Join our online community on Discord.
  2. Watch the Text Team onboarding videos.
  3. Take the Text Team quiz.
  4. Let us know in Discord that you’re ready to finish your onboarding!

Step 1: Join Discord

Discord is a program that can be used through your web browser, but it’s best if you download the free app which is available for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. For desktop or laptop computers, visit discord.com/download. For mobile devices, search “Discord” in your devices’s app store.

If you haven’t used Discord before, you’ll need to register for a free account and create a username and password. Once your account is created, click the button below to join our “server.”

If you already have a Discord account, this button will directly add you to our server!

Join Discord

Step 2: Onboarding Videos

Learn everything you need to know to successfully text with Team Newsom. Each onboarding video is important and contains information that both new and experienced texters will need to be successful. 

Program Overview
Discord Community Overview
Texting With Scale to Win (Spoke)
Best Practices & Guidelines

Step 3: Take The Quiz

After joining Discord and completing the onboarding videos, it’s time to take the Text Team Quiz! This is a quick 12-question quiz to demonstrate your technical and program knowledge. Take your time with it. You can take it multiple times, you can refer back to the training videos, and you can — and should — refer to the Texter FAQ document while taking the quiz.

Hot tip! Make sure to use your first and last name when completing the quiz, and the same email address you used when you joined Discord. We need to be able to match your quiz submission to your Discord user account.

Step 4: Message Us 

Head back to the Team Newsom server on Discord and go to the #start-texting channel. Post a message in #start-texting to let us know that you’ve completed the quiz and you’re ready to complete your onboarding process. We’ll check your quiz, then send you a DM (Direct Message)in Discord. We’ll let you know what your score was and next steps.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Team Gavin Newsom Text Team.  Let’s do this!

Join Discord