Digital Engagement

Your guide and resources to organize your community online for Democrats up and down the ballot.
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A major communication hurdle in 2024 is our ability to break through the noise online. Voters are inundated with messaging and outreach from various groups and campaigns by way of digital ads, text messages, phone calls, and more. That combined with an unprecedented and fragmented media landscape requires more creativity to break through and share our message to voters.

If we are not organizing online, we’re leaving votes on the table. Our Digital Engagement program provides you with the blueprint on how to organize online. We’ll provide you with the resources to be an effective communicator within your personal communities to recruit new supporters, inform communities, and persuade voters in 2024 and beyond. You do not have to be a “digital savvy” person to be successful in this program. All are welcome. As you’ll hear more in our training below, our success comes only with our collective commitment, our voice, and engagement of communities in online spaces.

Digital Engagement

Our Digital Engagement program can be described simply. It’s organizing. From engaging in a group online, to sharing content, lifting an article, or having digital conversations. It’s all organizing. While simple, we as Democrats need to be doing more of it! However, it’s more than just posting a video online. You will be at the forefront of developing a strategy for engagement of your communities around the issues that matter most to you.

In 2024, we have a priority to engage with voters to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We’ll also engage around important issues across the country, such as educating voters on Right to Safety to combat gun violence in America, protecting women’s right to choose, and many more. Take the next step and watch our training series below.

Theory of the Case

In this video, we’ll discuss the “why” behind our program. Why this is important now and in the future, and how it supports us in electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

Mapping Our Communities

In this video, we’ll discuss a process called “mapping.” Much like how we might develop a voter targeting strategy in-person, we can map out our communities online to help inform our outreach strategies. Following the video, use the button below to access your mapping worksheet. Make a copy of the document.

Mapping Worksheet
Listening & Engaging

In this final video, we’ll put our “map” to practice. We’ll follow along together on how we can leverage our map to engage around various campaign objectives. From volunteer recruitment, to informing voters about an issue, and persuading voters. Additionally, how we use reporting to inform our current and future engagement. Following this video, don’t forget to join our Discord community to get ongoing messaging updates, more resources, and daily support in your engagement.

Resource Library

The following are quick links to resources that you need to be successful in your digital engagement. If you have additional questions or support needs, please contact us in Discord.


Map your communities online.

Make A Copy


Inform our current and future engagement.

Access The Report


Access quick answers and other resources related to your digital engagement. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please message us in Discord in the digital engagement channel. 

  • How do I invite someone to join our community on Discord?

If you’re recruiting a new volunteer to join us, please encourage them to join our Discord community here by sharing this link:

  • I want to do engagement around Right to Safety. How do I do that?

Great question. First, make sure you watch the training videos on this page. Second, make sure to join our Discord community to be onboarded into the program. In Discord, you will have access to a content library, relevant news and information, and more, that can help inform your engagement. 

The priority is to gather petition signatures in our communities. You can get started today by sharing our petition in your networks online:

  • I completed my Mapping Worksheet? What do I do next?

Well first, great job in completed your map! You’ll want to make sure to keep that close by for the engagement you’ll be doing online. There is no need to share your map with anyone. Make sure to join us in Discord and let us know that your map is completed and we can make sure to share more information and resources with you. 

  • How does the reporting process work?

For every engagement you do, whether it be a conversation, publishing content, or sharing news, equates to outreach being done. So, for every outreach action taken it’d equate to one report filed. That means in most use cases you’d submit more than one report in a given week. We’ll prioritize reporting every Wednesday and will have time to debrief as a group in Discord on our engagement from the previous week. 

Remember, information in regards to the communities you engaged is not shared externally unless you’d like to personally share feedback with supporters in Discord. Otherwise, it’s personal to you and staff will only utilize the feedback you share to report on collective voter reach and to inform messaging and resources for the program.